Oliveex's integrated IoT platform provides monitoring, data analytics & digital traceability via in-line sensors to optimize quality control.

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Oliveex IoT Platform

Oliveex's all-in-one IoT platform is designed from scratch to cover the quality control needs of companies producing fermented foods, starting from breweries (SME’s to mid-caps). Addressing the difficulties of the continuous and complex process of quality control we offer a solution that will simplify it, by applying Internet-of-Things technologies for remotely monitoring production data and producing actionable and predictive analytics. Also, with the exploitation of data through machine learning algorithms it is possible to evaluate production methods and optimize them. Thus minimizing product spoilage and maximizing production efficiency using continuous measurement & processing. Our goal is to create an end-to-end monitoring and data analytics solution for the food industry. Also, with usage blockchain-enabled logging and auditing modules we allow industries to create a digital footprint of their products that will increase their value in an internet-connected food supply chain.


- IoT-Enabled & Ultra-low powered.
- 5+ Years of battery-lifetime.
- 24/7 Attached at existing tanks.
- Wireless & Plug-N-Play.
- Measurements with +-0.002 accuracy.
- Food-Grade certificated and CIP-Ready.
- Capable to read Specific Gravity, Density, pH, Dissolved Oxygen, Pressure, CO2, ABV and more.

Cloud service

- Data-focused platform.
- Using top-tier security features.
- End-to-End Encrypted.
- Fermentation models via AI Algorithms.
- Actionable & Predictive analytics.
- Blockchain-enabled traceability.
- Data processing completely transferred to cloud allowing for low energy & cost sensing devices.

Web Application

- Accessible from every device.
- Real-time & Remote monitoring.
- Alerting & Notifications mechanisms.
- Batch-focused data management.
- Data analytics for each tank.
- Process control features.
- Data comparison for each recipe.
- Digital traceability features.


Fermentation & Maturation,

Using state-of-the-art and cloud-connected biometric sensing units, we are simplifying the time consuming process of storage monitoring and quality control, minimizing human errors and optimizing precision.

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Enviromental Monitoring

An easy-to-use integrated solution that ensures the efficient monitoring and alerting of your storage rooms. No cables. No power and internet requirements.

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