About Oliveex

Oliveex applies IoT technologies in food storage and specifically in fermented foods, such as olives, cheese, wine and other wet-stored products. Using state-of-the art sensing devices we can guarantee the best product quality and minimize the profit losses due to spoilage. A sensing device gets attached to every tank, collects data from the storage environment and uploads them to cloud. After analyzing the data we can give our customers realtime monitoring of their product and notifies them about actions that must be done to ensure the the best-possible quality. With 24/7 monitoring we can handle any change in the product consistency in realtime and manage the results to improve the process.

Data collection

Measuring storage environment conditions using precise sensors

Cloud service

Upload enviroment data to cloud for storing and analysis


Data Analysis, notifications and suggentions


Realtime monitoring using our responsive Web Platform

Our Team

Dimitris Garagounis

Co-Founder & Hardware Engineer


Konstantinos Akrivos

Co-Founder & Software Engineer


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