Transform every
analog setup into Internet of Things.

Oliveex IoT Platform uses modules that transform existing industrial equipment into virtual devices connected to the Cloud, resulting in a fully-featured IoT network with AI capabilities. 

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Seamless digitalization of every industrial asset.

Oliveex’s IoT Platform introduces businesses to Industry 4.0 with minimal requirements. Using only the existing setup, every feature of our platform is available. Depending on the user’s needs, the sensing capabilities can be further improved by integrating more IoT sensors.

Realtime/Remote Monitoring & Alerting.

Historical data, customized alerts, and data visualization. Every asset of your infrastructure can be monitored remotely & in real-time.

Automated & Optimized industry operations.

Automated logging of every daily operation in real-time using AI algorithms, replacing manual logging.

Digital Traceability & Automated Reporting.

Data is grouped in batches with minimal to no user input. Digital logs for each batch are stored for later analysis.

Insights & Proactive
Data Analytics.

Actionable insights regarding equipment malfuctions, electricity consumption, and productivity are generated, notifying the user.

Use Cases

Current applications include but are not limited to fermented food and beverages (breweries, wineries, dairy, etc), closed-loop production processes, and other food-related applications.



Food-related applications

How it works

Oliveex’s all-in-one IoT Platform

IoT Sensors

Autonomous devices, collecting raw measurements from the environment 24/7.

Cloud Infrastructure

Hosts every functionality of the IoT Platform providing bi-directional communication with the IoT sensors and the gateways in real-time.

IoT Gateway

Communicates with the existing PLC setup and transforms industrial equipment into virtual IoT devices.

Web Platform

User-friendly dashboard that enables production monitoring, analytics, batch management, and custom configuration.

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