Get introduced to Industry 4.0 without requirements.

Our Industrial-Internet-of-Things platform offers the needed digital transformation and introduces remote quality control, using IoT devices that are 24/7 attached and collecting data. Producers are able to improve precision by using data, while also replacing manual quality control processes (e.g. sampling and lab analysis) to cut costs. We provide real-time analysis by monitoring the chemical state of the product and also the different gas concentrations and use them for actionable, real-time, predictive analytics.

IoT Devices with proven Plug-N-Play design. 5-minute installation in any existing tri-clamp or DN adapter.

Scalable IoT Network. By installing your first device, you instantly create an IoT network capable to interact with every production stage or utility.

Minimum requirements. No need for internet connectivity or electicity. Fully autonomous & wireless, providing 10+ years of battery-operated lifetime.

Be from experience-driven, data-driven. Production is getting optimized using machine-learning algorithms with possible threats detected in real-time.

Easy-to-use Application. Instead of using hundreds of spreadsheets daily to track your production, control everything via an user-friendly online platform.

Enable digital traceablity. Make your product traceable by using data collected from different production stages and create a digital identity for each product.

Industry-ready & Secure.

Our devices use food-grade sensors equipped with NSF/ANSI 51 food standards and CE & RoHS certifications.

Extensive or complex maintanance is not required. Just plug your devices and keep using your existing Clean-In-Place system.

Meeting the Industry 4.0 standards both in physical installment and data privacy. Our Internet-of-Things network includes multiple-layer end-to-end encryption and is built using top-tier cloud providers, to ensure the security of your data.

Track everything remotely

Monitor every production stage & asset from your mobile device or computer.

Cut costs

Save working hours and product waste by eliminating manual sample processes. Since IoT devices analyze the product 24/7, there is no need for human presence.

Improve precision

Track the exact quality state of your product in real-time with optimal measurement accuracy. Improve precision using data analytics and production models based on machine-learning.


Optimize traceability

Use data from every stage of the food supply chain to ensure your product's security, providing digital identities. Whole product history is available just by scanning the product's barcode.

Be in-time

Know exactly when each process is over, using AI-enabled data analytics. Receive notifications in real-time about possible threats and perform corrective actions to avoid product spoilage.

Use Cases

Fermentation Monitoring

Using state-of-the-art, cloud-connected, and in-line sensors we simplify the time consuming process of quality control, minimizing human errors and optimizing precision.

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Enviromental Monitoring

Our easy-to-use integrated solution ensures the efficient monitoring of temperature, humidity & CO2 concentration in any industrial environment (cold rooms, industrial fridges, etc.).
No cables. No power and internet connection required.

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Custom IIoT Applications

You can't find a commercial IoT device that covers your needs?
We can design and implement a solution based on your use case.

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