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Acknowledging the industrial sector’s challenge of enhancing productivity and optimizing costs while dealing with disorganized data, Oliveex offers a transformative solution.

Our platform integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure, upgrading current operational assets and methodologies with advanced real-time data analytics, automated process reporting, and actionable insights on the KPIs that the industry is trying to optimize. This approach enables industries to not only improve operational efficiency but also to embrace a culture of continuous improvement and sustainability. Oliveex bridges the gap between data generation and its effective use, driving the industrial sector towards a more efficient and profitable future.

Designed for

F&B Manufacturing Plants

Beer, dairy, soft-carbonated beverage or relevant manufacturing plants aiming to optimize efficiency and proceed with data-driven decision making.

Bottling/Packaging Plants

Beverage, beer, wine, mineral/sparkling water, milk or relevant packaging plants aiming to streamline operations and reach an optimal and consistent OEE.

Operating a Digital Twin for your factory is easier than you thought.

To achieve scalability and no-cost integration, the platform focuses on gathering data from existing industrial equipment by communicating with every vendor’s machinery using widely used industrial communication protocols (e.g. Modbus TCP, OPC-UA). Thus, every component of the existing setup is transformed into a virtual IoT device with all the needed capabilities. Real-time equipment data is forwarded into a cloud-based data analysis pipeline, while user interaction is achieved via a web-based application.

  • Data acquisition

    Real-time data acquisition from the current automation infrastructure (such as PLCs, SCADA, and standalone machines) is facilitated through a Plug-N-Play Gateway device.

  • Data classification and storage

    The raw equipment data undergoes transformation into time series for subsequent analysis, real-time anomaly detection, and storage within a cloud-based database.

  • Creation of repeatable processes digital copies

    As the industry operates daily, the platform has the capability to detect every repeatable process in real-time, including batch operations, packaging, CIP (Clean-in-Place), and more, automatically generating a digital copy for each one.

  • Data analytics, KPIs & insights

    By batching raw production data, the platform can analyze it thoroughly and incorporate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and analytics concerning vital cost and performance metrics, losses, and other relevant factors into each digital copy.

  • Production benchmarking

    In addition to furnishing the KPIs for each batch, the platform can compare them not only against user-defined optimal standards but also against all previous batches of the same recipe ever executed, enabling the identification of anomalies and real-time efficiency benchmarking

Return-on-Investment results from customers case studies.

Our early customer studies revealed astonishing results on savings. By utilizing process expertise along with the latest technologies, we are making clear that our solution is not a generic software that can be applied to any industry, but a specialized platform that targets specific sectors to provide solutions to their specific pain points. Thus, we are not providing another digitalization project, but a product focused on your specific needs.


Decrease in workload for cooling and heating procedures utilizing the Insights.


Decrease in production losses by tracking every production stage efficiency in real-time.


Increase in asset utilization by taking advantage of the proactive production scheduling.


Insights generated on average every year for every customer facility

Track, Measure & Improve in real-time

Oliveex focuses on initially measuring the existing state, to be able to improve it.

Our platform’s core value proposition is its ability to precisely measure and analyze the existing levels of productivity within an industry while pinpointing and addressing the common daily bottlenecks or failures that hinder efficiency and cost optimization. In today’s rapidly evolving industrial landscape, with optimization being the key to success.

Simplify supervising <br>within daily operations

Simplify supervising
within daily operations

Our platform simplifies supervising by offering comprehensive end-to-end monitoring capabilities. Beyond providing essential process data, it incorporates Insights, a powerful mechanism designed to analyze raw data and detect anomalies or malfunctions proactively. 

Make production traceable <br>and transparent

Make production traceable
and transparent

Utilizing deep learning-enabled real-time classification, the platform detects and logs every repeatable process within industrial operations. This ensures complete transparency and enables the creation of digital records for each procedure, making each one of them fully traceable.

Enable continuous improvement <br>& increase operators awareness

Enable continuous improvement
& increase operators awareness

With real-time tracking of crucial KPIs, operators gain heightened awareness, enhancing a continuous improvement culture.

Optimize production costs <br>and identify bottlenecks

Optimize production costs
and identify bottlenecks

Through a fusion of AI and industrial process engineering expertise, data are analyzed to provide actionable insights that enable industries to optimize costs, reduce CO2 emissions, and enhance productivity.

Customer success story

Pineios Brewery – The first brewery that adopted the Oliveex platform to optimize its productivity, becoming the first fully-digital brewery in Greece.

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