About Oliveex

An engineering team committed to deliver cutting-edge solutions combining industrial process expertise along with the latest technologies.

Oliveex was founded in 2020 by a team of engineers, who specialized in software development and Industrial IoT technologies. The team utilized several years of academic experience in the field of the Internet of Things to create the platform that three years later has helped multiple F&B manufacturing industries excel.  

Catalyzing a culture of improvement

At Oliveex, our mission transcends the introduction of cutting-edge digital twin technology in the F&B industry. It’s about catalyzing a culture of continuous improvement and fostering a new mindset among production operators. Our platform doesn’t just transform existing industrial equipment with IoT and AI capabilities; it revolutionizes the way productivity is perceived and pursued on the factory floor.

Our vision embodies the principle of empowering each stakeholder within the industry, especially the production operators who are at the heart of daily operations. By providing them with real-time visibility into their productivity levels, we enable a sense of ownership and responsibility for the outcomes of their work. This real-time feedback loop creates an environment where striving for excellence becomes the norm, and every team member is motivated to contribute to the industry’s success.

From Insights to Action

The actionable insights and analytics provided by our platform illuminate paths to operational efficiency, cost optimization, and sustainability improvements. But perhaps more importantly, they serve as a catalyst for change in the organizational culture. Operators and managers alike are encouraged to engage with data, understand their impact on the production process, and identify opportunities for improvement. This not only elevates the operational standards but also instills a proactive mindset geared towards innovation and excellence.

In partnering with Oliveex, industries are not just adopting advanced technology; they are embracing a vision where continuous improvement and a collaborative, data-driven approach are fundamental. We are committed to leading the F&B industry towards a future where digital transformation enables not only technological advancement but also empowers individuals to excel in their roles, making a tangible difference in their organization’s growth and sustainability.

Unlock potential with data you already generate

With our experienced engineering team by your side, consisting of experts who have successfully delivered numerous projects, discover seamless optimization paths leveraging insights from the data you already produce. Let us guide you through the digital leap, ensuring you harness the full potential of your operations with confidence and expertise honed through years of delivering impactful solutions.

About Oliveex

Harnessing the power of data and AI to help industries thrive.

Through our innovative platform, we empower our customers with insights that enhance productivity, optimize costs, and automate essential daily tasks like reporting and supervision. We strive to lead the way in Industry 4.0, guiding industries towards a future marked by data-driven decision-making and operational excellence.

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