Streamline your brewery operations, using your data.

A money-saving, pioneering platform able to increase your productivity by 22%, reduce energy and water consumption costs by 18%, and make your daily operations completely transparent & paperless.

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Customer Benefits

Efficient Supervising

Monitoring dashboards, with process visualization and animated assets overview. Easy to understand from production operators to plant managers.

Reduce costs

Real-time, actionable insights for equipment, process and timeline failures that lead to increased water and electricity consumption.

Improve productivity

Improve awareness by real-time visualization of KPIs, (e.g. OEE, Cost Indicators, Cycle time, Asset Utilization, Throughput) including monthly/quarterly/yearly trends.

Enhance Transparency

Automated tracking of every repeatable process in real-time without any need for user inputs. Digital process files available for evaluation and comparison


An innovative startup aiming to disrupt traditional manufacturing processes, with the minimum allowed effort, by applying cutting-edge technology.

Established in 2020 and backed by Greek and European investment firms and organizations, Oliveex provides an IIoT platform that uses software modules to analyze production lines in real-time, enabling data-driven decision-making. Specifically, provides AI-enabled mechanisms focusing on fully-automated digital traceability,  production transparency enhancement, and data analytics focusing on sustainability improvement. The platform focuses on F&B industries, helping them cut costs and improve quality.