Oliveex Sensing Devices

Oliveex Cold Rooms sensing device is a fully-wireless and plug-n-play solution that will take on your fridge room safety. Without any need for power, internet connectivity or cabling. Simply adjust it anywhere in the cold room and it will do the job for you.

Precise Sensing Units

Monitor precisely environment temperature and humidity. Ultra-low powered with years of battery life.

Alerting & Analytics

Customizable reporting frequency based on your needs. Real-time alerting via email & SMS.


Introduce your business to the IoT Era

Reduce costs & required working hours. Improve precision & simplicity by taking advantage of your own data. Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things are here to upgrade your business processes.

Oliveex IoT Platform

A high-end technological solution that will help you grow your business, by improving the safety of your products and introduce you to cutting edge technologies. Having all your sensing devices connected in, provides you with the ability to monitor, organize and face any imminnent risks, by warning you on time and suggesting you corrective actions that have to be done to avoid any product spoilage.


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