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Customer Case Study: Pineios Brewery

Pineios Brewery

A comprehensive case study in industrial digitization from the first fully-digital brewery in Greece.


In the ever-evolving landscape of industrial digitization, Oliveex emerges as a pioneering force, offering integrated solutions tailored to revolutionize production processes. With a keen focus on collecting real-time data seamlessly from existing equipment, Oliveex empowers industries to unlock unparalleled levels of efficiency and productivity.

Case Study: Pineios Brewery's Journey to Digital Excellence

Pineios Brewery, in collaboration with Oliveex, embarked on a groundbreaking journey to become the first Greek brewery to fully embrace digital transformation. Through the implementation of Oliveex’s cutting-edge software solution, Pineios Brewery underwent a profound transformation in its production processes. Leveraging state-of-the-art artificial intelligence mechanisms, the brewery aimed to optimize quality and operational efficiency like never before.

Key Achievements

The partnership between Pineios Brewery and Oliveex yielded transformative results. By adopting Oliveex’s software solution, the brewery achieved a fully digitized production environment. Each batch of beer was meticulously recorded and tracked, with automation eliminating the need for human intervention in record-keeping processes.

Impact and Benefits

The implementation of Oliveex’s platform provided Pineios Brewery with unprecedented insights into its production operations. Digital records encompassing production data, quality metrics, cost indicators, and correlations with other industrial processes facilitated absolute traceability and transparency. As a result, Pineios Brewery experienced remarkable improvements in productivity and cost efficiency within just one year of adopting Oliveex’s solution.

Furthermore, Oliveex’s platform facilitated significant reductions in energy consumption and liberated valuable staff time by automating routine processes such as monitoring and reporting. With accurate and automated production data readily available, Pineios Brewery now operates with enhanced efficiency, agility, and confidence.


The success story of Pineios Brewery stands as a testament to the transformative potential of industrial digitization, catalyzed by Oliveex’s innovative solutions. As industries navigate the complexities of the modern market landscape, partnerships with forward-thinking entities like Oliveex pave the way for sustained growth, efficiency, and competitiveness. Embrace the future of production with Oliveex and embark on a journey of digital excellence and innovation.

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