Oliveex Industrial IoT Platform

An all-in-one platform that visualizes data from every industrial asset.

Flexible, multi-channel
data collection

Our IoT platform is capable of collecting data from every available channel, be it existing setups based on PLCs (or any industrial automation), IoT devices centered setups, or a hybrid solution.

PLC-to-Cloud communication

Using any industrial protocol (Modbus TCP, OPC-UA, MQTT, etc.).

Internet-of-Things sensors

Autonomous devices that collect and forward data directly to the Cloud.

Hybrid setup

Integration that includes PLC setups enhanced with IoT sensors that improve the overall setup’s sensing capability.

Customer Benefits

Be digital

Monitor & manage everything in real-time & remotely. Improve digital traceability by keeping a digital copy of every process or batch. Save time with easy access to your production data, organized in a meaningful structure (per batch, per asset, etc.)

Improve productivity

Leverage continuous real-time analytics to optimize resources (physical or human), equipment, and materials. Also reduce the effort to maintain physical assets (tanks, equipment, etc) Know in real time equipment performance, uptime, health status, etc.

From data to insight.

Make better production decisions adapted to real-time conditions, using analytics that track and predict the behaviour of physical assets or processes. Translate raw production data to actionable insights.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any requirements to use the platform?

For transformation of an existing setup into IoT the only requirement is the existence of a PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) in the setup. Data can be forwarded from the PLC to Oliveex’s gateway using any industrial protocol.

For new IoT project there isn’t any requirements. Sensors can be deployed everywhere without any need for internet access or power supply.

What is the installation process?

A minimal modification is required into the current PLC setup from its integrator.

Data can be forwarded to Oliveex’s Platform using any available protocol (Modbus TCP, MQTT, OPC-UA, etc.)

After receiving the data, a 5-min configuration process is needed by our side to deliver a fully-functional platform.

Do you offer updates and support?
Monthly updates and unlimited support are included in any subscription plan without any extra cost.
How much does the platform cost?

It depends on the amount of assets that will be monitored. Contact us at info@oliveex.io to receive a quote based on your needs.

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