Production Automation
& Digital Traceability

Switch from manual logging and spreadsheets to a fully-automated reporting environment.

Don't log your actions.
AI does it for you.

Our AI algorithm runs in real-time while you work. Using historical data and without user input the algorithm detects the operation or batch that is on going and logs it under the right digital file.


Of the generated data
are included in every report file.


Reduced logging
and reporting time.

New Action Detected!

13:00 PM

Batch #132 has started on Tank #2!

13:00 PM

User input is not needed anymore.

Automated filtering, classification, and visualization for all your data.

Automated reporting

Every collected information, for every industrial process is logged under the batch detail page. This information, including IoT live data, user notes, and AI analytics, is available for later usage.

Real-time Analytics

Data collected from the environment is analyzed in real-time by multiple AI mechanisms to export multiple process optimization metrics (fermentation kinetics, cooling performance, etc)

Digital Traceability

Every process and relation of a batch is traceable, with digital files that include information about process conditions, ingredients, etc.

Performance KPIs

Processing the exact start/end time, duration, and efficiency of each process through our AI-Engine increases overall productivity.

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