Real-time, Remote
Monitoring & Alerting

Have an instant view in every industrial asset, anytime, anywhere.

A fully integrated monitoring system.

Real-time status
& static data.

User-friendly data visualization including animation for every asset related property & current operation.

Live Data, Events, & Insights.

Let the AI-Engine analyze your data for you.
If an anomaly is detected, an insight is generated to get a better scope of the problem and a notification is sent to you instantly.
Insights include equipment malfunctions, operation errors, unexpected values, etc.

Asset Analytics

Data produced from every asset is analyzed to export actionable analytics. Our AI-Engine can export analytics that include the performance of the cooling zone, the times that it get enabled, its uptime, etc. for assets equipped with cooling systems.

In that way, it helps the user to export meaningful conclusions and optimize the overall power consumption.

Combining the benefits

Logging every asset-related data is useful. Displaying them in actionable & meaningful manner is even better.

Effortless operation management

Automated logging of every operation including its data. Grouped by batches or operations, to be compared using the AI-enabled batch comparison feature.

Cloud-stored historical records

Data collected from the environment is stored into a secure cloud-hosted database. Data from the application’s day one will be available forever.

In-time Error Detection

AI-Engine scans data created under every asset to identify equipment errors proactively. If something unexpected is diagnosed, an insight and a notification will be created.

Sustainability improvement

Knowing every equipment malfunction proactively and receiving evaluation analytics for every industrial process contributes to the overall factory efficiency and sustainability improvement.

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