Oliveex Sensing devices

Acknowledging the difficulties on organizing a quality control process, based on complex biometric sampling, we decided to engineer a device that will automate this process, by providing biometric readings with the optimum precision, without the need of a human interaction with it. Fully autonomus and equipped with state-of-the-art sensing units which automate and optimize quality control

Modular & Industrial-Grade

Ultra-low power architecture. Modular and customizable based on customer needs. No need for power or internet connectivity.

Biometric Sensing Units

Availiable with plenty of options on sensing units including pH, Electrical Conductivity, Salinity, Dissolved Oxygen, in-product moisture and more.


Introduce your business to the IoT Era

Reduce costs & required working hours. Improve precision & simplicity, by taking advantage of your own data. Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things are here to upgrade your business processes.

Oliveex IoT Platform

A high-end technological solution that will help you grow your business, by improving the safety of your products and introduce you to cutting edge technologies. Having all your sensing devices connected in, provides you with the ability to monitor, organize and face any imminnent risks, by warning you on time and suggesting you corrective actions that have to be done to avoid any product spoilage.


Real-time Monitoring

Monitoring & alerting availiable with a few clicks improving the way that you supervise your products.

Data Analytics

Using data analytics and reports to evaluate and improve production methods.


Get advantage of your own production data to make your product traceable.

Pilot installations

White Chesse/Dairy Products

Taking place in parallel with our product development pilot installations and beta testing allow us to develop our solutions entirely personalized on the current industry needs. Tested both on maturation and storage stages.

Pilot Installations

Table Olives

With precious help & feedback from leading Greek industries and producers every product feature will be tested on-site. Being the first ever product that our devices tested with more that 18 months of testing.

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